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 2015 the lesson of tahrir (english)
     young egypt blog (12.12) politics
 2014 egypt's late children*      zblick (11.12) history
 2013 die logik der gewalttätigen
     young egypt blog (10.12) politics
 2012 das schweigen, ein schmuck
     carpeberlin (10.12) concert review
 2011 what the gods praise*      zblick (10.12) history
 2010 the visionary origins of art*      zblick (09.12) history
 2009 the amulet collection of perugia      zblick (09.12) religion
 2008 celebrate with the pharaoh*
     zblick (08.12) history
 2006 an interview with kent
     carpeberlin (06.12) arts

a feast for pest and cholera
     young egypt blog (06.12)

when die bark nods twice*
     zblick (06.12) history
film review: 2 days in new york
     carpeberlin (05.12)
revolution in the name of the sun*
     zblick (05.12) history
  in the beginning there was light*
     zblick (03.12) history
an interview with gernot haas
     carpeberlin (03.12) arts
stage review: night siblings
     carpeberlin (03.12)
hope for a better life
     carpeberlin (02.12)
  the chaotic forces of times*
     zblick (02.12) history
no reason to celebrate
     young egypt blog (01.12)
  the eternal odrder of time*
     zblick (01.12) history
these articles were developed in close collaboration with dr. james goff, who teaches
  religon and philosophy at the institute for egyptology of the university of vienna.